Jim Weathers Sports Therapy & massage expert

Jim has over 36 rewarding years of experience in Sports Therapy.  He lives a healthy lifestyle and stays fit and active. Thanks for sharing your pic!

Jim is unique in the field of therapeutic massage in that he combines his knowledge and experience of Eastern healing with his Western training to achieve strong therapeutic and healing results. By listening to his clients, utilizing his keen diagnostic skills along with using multiple forms of massage techniques, Jim is able to achieve remarkable results and high levels of client satisfaction. His technical competence, intuitive skills, personal sense of caring, and 30 plus years of perfecting his craft make him the ideal choice for anyone seeking relief from stress, pain, improvement in sports performance and functional ability, or for the simple, personal benefit of a relaxing massage.

Jim’s impressive body of work has gained him national recognition with several professional athletes, NASCAR and Indy race car drivers, PGA professionals, Actors and Actresses, and many others including Prince Andrew, the Duke of York.

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You can connect with Jim and learn more at http://Jimshealingenergy.com/