Pre-Show Topical Skin Products

 Southbeach Bodywraps pre-show topical gels formulated especially for PumpNPose  

PumpNPose Bodywraps & Gels

       PumpNPose Bodywraps & Gels


Pre-Show Topical Skin Products available at PumpNPose work hard to reduce excess water

retention and localized fat stored in the skin.


Want to look better this year?

PumpNPose Bodywraps & Gels

PumpNPose Bodywraps & Gels

Pre-Show Topical Skin Products benefits:

  • improves skin turgor and elasticity
  • restores a more youthful appearance to aging skin
  • targets trouble spots, reducing cellulite,excess water retention, & stubborn localized fatty areas
  • smoothens the appearance of skin
  • enhances muscle definition and muscle striations
  • shows off muscle development and accentuates recessed, lean areas
  • removes excess fluid blurring definition
  • takes inches off abs and treatment areas
  • provides instant results
  • motivation for continued healthy diet and exercise
  • detoxifies the body
  • relaxing spa like treatment available at home for a fraction the cost


PumpNPose bodywrap treatments detoxify the body and removes excess water for a smooth, fit appearance


What is cellulite?  Its a waterlogged fat cell.  In addition to a healthy diet and regular exercise, some trouble areas naturally have a tendency to hold excess cellulite, fat, and water. People will go through painful surgeries leaving them with permanent scarring and spend almost anything to get rid of unwanted fat, water, and size.  A healthy, fit appearance is all we really want.  Its time to try a topical gel from PumpNPose to shuttle excess fluids out of your body, reducing the appearance and feel of cellulite using our natural, safe gels and creams.

PumpNPose takes unwanted inches off

            PumpNPose takes unwanted inches off

How do these products work?  Everyone has heard the term “bodywrap”, but some of you still have not tried one.  There are many companies selling a variety of bodywrap treatments, all claiming to be the best.  We read about our competition claiming to have the best product, the ONE that will get the results.  Our thought process is a bit different.  We are all unique, so why would one product fit all our needs?  The best idea, in our opinion, is to offer a select variety of effective products, all with the best ingredients possible, for an affordable price.  Each of our pre-show topical gels have the same goal of making you look your best….your most muscular, most lean and defined, most healthy and youthful, but we believe different people will have better results using ingredients that really target their unique body and trouble areas.  The topical gel that’s best for me might not be the same PumpNPose product that’s best for you.  We also have a great group of fitness competitors who like to alternate products to keep the body guessing…There’s no scientific fact that topical products will become less effective once the body acclimates to regular use, but our athletes do like to keep their bodies guessing.  We know some supplements do become less effective after a few weeks of regular use, and there is no scientific study focused on topical ingredients, but why not alternate between two gels if it gives you an advantage!

What’s in our gels that make them so effective?  All of our topical skin products have been specifically formulated to include powerful, high quality ingredients used specifically to provide you with a leaner, more muscular, more defined, healthy appearance.  Each of our products is unique, using its own specific blend of ingredients, but they all have the same purpose….and that is to help you look your best.   Whether you’re getting ready for an important competition, want to be bikini ready, or have an upcoming wedding to plan for, our gels are a “must have” product.

If you’re nervous about trying something new and don’t think you want to do a bodywrap, don’t have the time or patience for it, that’s ok.  All of the pre-show topical skin gels available on PumpNPose can also be used as a daily rub in or as a spot treatment.  Its true, the ready-to-apply bodywraps often sold by our competition are frustrating and tricky to apply.  Gel gets folded into the cracks, becomes uneven, and we haven’t even started to say how difficult it is to get the wet plastic film onto your body exactly where you want it without 6 extra hands.  Our solution is to put the gel on your body, where it belongs, then apply a dry, very large plastic bodywrap film to this area.  Its an easy process and requires no skill.  We have the bodywrap plastic films available individually, and its true they can be carefully rinsed clean and air dried for a few more money saving treatments.


PumpNpose bodywrap

                            PumpNPose bodywrap


BODYWRAP PLASTIC FILMS  ….PumpNPose offers the largest available online for your most successful treatments.  *note: extra large treatment areas can use plastic kitchen wrap!


Once you have the gel on your body and plastic covering it, you’ll want to compress the treatment area with a neoprene belt or waist trainer.  Neoprene can be used for other areas too: love handles, glutes, hamstrings, saddle bag areas.  Wrap it up snugly for atleast 60 minutes, then rub in excess gel.  The gel will not be sticky and uncomfortable after the treatment, so an immediate shower is not necessary.  Some athletes actually remain “wrapped” all night while they sleep, although this is not the norm.  *tips for best results: we recommend taking a hot shower or doing your cardio BEFORE the treatment.  This is to open your pores and maximize circulation, not to mention some of you would sweat off all of the gel before it gets to work!


pumpnpose neoprene belt

                                    PumpNPose neoprene belt


NEOPRENE BELTS: Get everything you need from us in one box.  You’ll be ready to use your gel immediately!

A little background on us:  PumpNPose remains a small, tight knit company and we like it this way.  We prefer to remain small enough to provide personal attention that is so often lost these days and we like getting to know our customers.  Maybe this is one of the reason’s we are so intent on providing the best products to you.  It would be shameful to give a friend a bad product, and we just couldn’t do it to you.  You’ll notice the same people taking care of you year after year, and sending samples and hand written notes in your package because we truly care and want you to know it.

Our topical skin products took a year of planning.  What we mean by this is: It literally took us months to find a manufacturer we trusted, with ingredients we knew would be effective, to provide a product customers would come back time and time again for.  Our products will always be made with the best ingredients for the best results, and we think your repeated interest in us is the best form of flattery. Thank you to the many repeat customers who’s names we have come to know–you know who you are!

How do we stand up to our competition?  We stand tall and proud as a small company focused on the quality of our products.  Each product we offer is one we would want to use ourselves, and we control the quality of each and every ingredient used in our products, not to increase our profits by using less effective options, but to increase results and customer satisfaction by putting out the best possible products we can.  Our appearance may be professional but simple; and we will always provide exactly what we promise, a great product for a fair price.  We’ve all tried ineffective products with really eye catching packaging…and all PumpNPose can say is: atleast the bottle was pretty, because the contents were a waste… Our products will always be high quality and we will always be available to help you decide what’s best for your needs. Check out our full line of products to learn which is best for you.

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